Favorite Planeswalker

Hey guys, I’m here to MTG players love: Planeswalkers! The life and soul of Magic depends on these figures. Did you know that you’re actually considered a planeswalker? Just don’t shoot your opponent when you play a card that says “Destroy target planeswalker”.

But seriously, which one of the original five are your favorite, is it:

Liliana,  the necromancer:


Jace, the mind magician:


Chandra, the hot head:


Nissa, the hippie:


or Gideon, the warrior:


Pease leave a like!


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Hey guys, my name's Andrew Pelletier and I am the creator for Snakeninja1225. I write about my thoughts and anything that YOU ask, under certain standards. I like gaming, Minecraft, and web design. Keep blogging!

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